Regitra in Kaunas

Construction of a new administrative building with a check post, parking and examination lots and a garage, located at Raudondvario pl. 234B, Kaunas.

Total area of the buildings: 1 241.49 m2.

Customer: State Enterprise Regitra.

The construction was funded from the state budget.

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Klaipėda Regional Waste Sorting Plant

The plant separates nearly 60% of recyclable materials contained in the stream of mixed utility waste, which reaches the dumping site. The sorted waste will be used to produce secondary raw materials i.e. glass, plastic, paper, ferrous and nonferrous metals. The plant will handle all waste entering Klaipėda Regional Centre for Waste Management, except for industrial and construction waste. The waste will be separated into three fractions: waste suitable for processing, waste unsuitable for processing, as well as waste, suitable for making fuel. It is predicted that the reduction of the utility waste in the region will be stabilized at the level of 60-75 thousand tons.

UAB Versina was the plant construction administrator.

The total area of the buildings: 4.164,10 m2.

The construction was financed from the state budget and the EU Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013.

Marijampolė Regional Centre for Waste Management

Design, construction and operation of the mechanical—biological processing of utility waste at Marijampolė Regional Centre for Mechanical Biological Utility Waste Treatment.

Purpose: waste storage, sorting and recycling.

Functions: receiving and checking waste, opening waste bags, sorting waste, production of solid recovered fuel, composting of biodegradable waste and separation of secondary raw materials.

Area of the construction site: 10.9 ha.

Development area: 11271 m2.

Address: Uosinės k. 8, Marijampolės sen., Marijampolės sav.

Customer: UAB Marijampolės apskrities atliekų tvarkymo centras

Vilnius Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant

Customer: UAB Energesman.

Total area (excl. the open shed and biofilters): 21000. m2.

The plant re-sorts mixed utility waste from Vilnius region. Biological processing produces solid recovered fuel. The plant will transfer less than 19% of waste to the dump yard, which includes no biological waste at all. The project is partially financed by the EU funds.

Šiauliai Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plant

Infrastructure development project for regional biodegradable utility waste treatment management in Šiauliai

Customer: UAB NEG Recycling.

Construction of facilities for biological and mechanical treatment of mixed utility waste, according to the technical and detailed design projects. The minimum capacity of the facility is 25 tons per hour or 50 000 tons per annum. The facilities are equipped with various machinery for mechanical sorting, seven bio-tunnels for biological waste treatment and 5230 m2 composting area.

The project was financed by the EU and the state budget.