Klaipėda Regional Waste Sorting Plant

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    2015 m.

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    For Industry and Business

The plant separates nearly 60% of recyclable materials contained in the stream of mixed utility waste, which reaches the dumping site. The sorted waste will be used to produce secondary raw materials i.e. glass, plastic, paper, ferrous and nonferrous metals. The plant will handle all waste entering Klaipėda Regional Centre for Waste Management, except for industrial and construction waste. The waste will be separated into three fractions: waste suitable for processing, waste unsuitable for processing, as well as waste, suitable for making fuel. It is predicted that the reduction of the utility waste in the region will be stabilized at the level of 60-75 thousand tons.

UAB Versina was the plant construction administrator.

The total area of the buildings: 4.164,10 m2.

The construction was financed from the state budget and the EU Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013.