Telšiai Stadium Reconstruction

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  • Data

    2015 m.

  • Projektų grupė

    For the Society

The project aims at improving the quality of life and environment at Telšiai Regional Centre of Economic Growth by managing the public areas, creating the necessary infrastructure and rendering utility services. The sports, culture and leisure centre at Telšiai Stadium (with a football field with race tracks, an area with sectors for track-and-field athletics, basketball, badminton, volleyball courts, roller skating grounds and areas for public events) will host not only local, but also international popular sports events (involving amateurs and professional sportsmen) and mass cultural events (concerts, celebrations, fairs). This will also attract investors for additional infrastructure development (such as premises for various events and catering services), which in turn will improve the region’s economy.

The centre has a football field with eight race tracks, a 4000 m2 zone for athletes and reconstructed western and eastern tribunes. The western tribune contains up to 2000 seats, a VIP zone for 30 persons and 3 commentary rooms. The eastern tribune has 320 seats for spectators. Also, there are basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, a 825 m2 area for roller sports and a 1304 m2 indoor basketball court with 746 seats. The reconstruction also included the area around the stadium and parking lots for 204 cars and 9 busses.

Customer: Telšiai District Municipality Administration.