School Renovations

Apie projektą

  • Data

    2014-2016 m.

  • Projektų grupė

    For the Society

Renovation of Public Buildings on the National Level, the measure of the Environment and Sustainable Development priority of the Operational Programme for Promotion of Cohesion for 2007–2013, as well as municipal and state funds were used for renovation and modernization of a number of school buildings.

The purpose of these projects was to reconstruct and modernise school buildings and their energy systems in order to reduce energy consumption and improve learning conditions for pupils, teachers and school personnel.

UAB Versina has implemented or is currently implementing the aforementioned projects in the following schools:

  • Lower secondary schools in Jungėnai, Krosna and Nemunaičiai of Kalvarija Municipality;
  • Kalvarija Secondary School for adults;
  • Stebuliai and Kučiūnai schools in Lazdijai district;
  • Telšiai V. Borisevičius Gymnasium;
  • Nevarėnai school in Telšiai district;
  • Klaipeda Dressmaking and Service Business School (currently Klaipėda Technology Training Centre);
  • Mažeikiai Polytechnic School;
  • Marijampolė Vocational Education and Training Centre;
  • Medininkai Border Guard School;
  • Salantai Gymnasium of Kretinga district;
  • Šilalė S. Gaudiešius Gymnasium etc.