Modernization of the building located at Justiniškiᶙ street 76, Vilnius

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    2016 m.

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Modernization project for an apartment building located at Justiniškiᶙ street 76, Vilnius.

The works are performed according to the program approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The purpose of the program is to reduce heat energy consumption, improve the rational use of energy resources, ensure efficient housing, as well as improve the living environment and the quality of life of the residents.

Based on the detailed technical project, the renovation will involve replacing old wooden windows with PVC windows, glass-fitting balconies using plastic profile, insulating walls and the basement, replacing wooden doors with new metal ones, insulating the roof, as well as renovating heating and hot water supply, ventilation and recuperation systems. Also, installation of new energy-efficient elevators. The total area of the building is 5483.16 m2.

Customer: VšĮ Atnaujinkime Miestą