Lighting networks and fencing Telšiai

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    2014 m.

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Arrangement of lighting networks, street fencing and installation of surveillance cameras in Telšiai, 2nd stage.

The project involved a complex development of the central part of the city i.e. Independence square, the area of Vilnius Hill (the territory around the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary); arrangement of the green areas, building stairs with an entrance ramp from Luokės to Šviesos street; reconstruction of street facades and lighting; modernization of rain water waste system; introducing safe traffic measures, building road signs, small architecture elements (dust bins, benches, flower beds) and sidewalks. The project helped to ensure the safety of public spaces, the community and visitors of the city, also improved access to the major sightseeing locations, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the city.

Volumes: sidewalks – 623.20 m2, stairs and retaining walls with railings – 351.28 m, utility networks (lighting, drainage, storm water sewer) – 344.40 m.

Customer: Telšiai District Municipality Administration.

Funding: Public Institution Central Project Management Agency and Telšiai budget.

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