Klaipėda County Hospital Wing

Apie projektą

  • Data

    2017 m.

  • Projektų grupė

    For the Society

Address: S. Neries g. 3, Klaipėda

Customer: State Enterprise Turto Bankas

Area: 5200 m2.

The design of the new building fits in the historical line of the other buildings on the same street. The part of the building located along Viltes street consists of four floors, which make a total of 16 metres from the ground. The parapet of the building is designed on the same level as the cornice of the current hospital building, which was built in 1967. Further from the street, there will be an 8-floor part of the wing, which makes a total of 18 meters from the ground.

The ground floor will include the reception hall for receiving ambulances, a lift for taking patients to the emergency room and also a radiology department with special premises for the accelerator and the CT scanner.

This was a state-funded project.