Reconstruction of Klaipėda Vocational School of Tourism

The project involved the reconstruction of unused school workshops located in the territory of Klaipėda Vocational School of Tourism (KVST) (approximately 3,500 m2) at Baltijos pr. 24 / Taikos pr. 69 in Klaipeda and arranging the premises for sectoral practical training for the future hotel, restaurant and trade employees. The reconstruction of the KVST buildings, acquisition of new equipment, furniture, office equipment and software, necessary for professional practical training, created better studying and working conditions for students and teachers. Now the students have an opportunity to get professional education, which meets today’s market needs. The modernized infrastructure will be used by KVST students and teachers; business sector employees, intending to improve their qualifications; pupils and teachers from other vocational schools; lecturers and students from the faculties of health at Klaipėda University and College, as well as students from vocational schools in Šilutė, Kretinga and Skuodas.

The outcome of the project is a modern base for practical training for future hotel, restaurant and trade employees, which meets the requirements of contemporary labour market.

Customer: Klaipėda Vocational School of Tourism

The project was financed from the EU structural funds and the budget of the Republic of Lithuania. Financing Programme – the measure Vocational Training Infrastructure Development of the Cohesion Promotion Operational Programme for 2007-2013, priority 2: Quality and Availability of Public Services: Health Care, Education and Social Infrastructure

Reconstruction of Šiauliai Oncology Clinic

Increasing energy saving efficiency at the Oncology Clinic of the Public Institution Šiauliai State Hospital

Address: Darželio g. 10, Šiauliai.

Works at the Oncology Clinic included the reconstruction of the internal utility systems (heating, ventilation, electrical engineering, fire safety and building management) and the building itself.

The National Centre for Visitors of Protected Areas

Reconstruction of a laundry building into the National Centre for Visitors of Protected Areas.

The National Centre for Visitors of Protected Areas was established in one of the buildings of Sapieha palace complex. The rather dilapidated building, built in the late XIX century, was revived for a new life and now hosts an interesting exposition. The Centre will become the gateway to the protected areas in Lithuania and other countries; visitors will be able to find information about the most valuable areas, choose natural routes and travel around our country, rich with natural valuables – all under one roof.

All works were carried out within the scope of the Protected Area Management and financed by EU structural funds and the state budget.

Address: Antakalnio g. 25, Vilnius.

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M.Valančius Library in Kretinga

Construction of M. Valančius Public Library.

Address: J. K. Chodkevičiaus g. 1B, Kretinga.

Total area of the building: 3130.34 m2.

Reconstruction of Dusmenys Department of Elementary Education

Conversion of educational buildings of former Dusmenys Department of Elementary Education into a cultural facility and adaptation of the surroundings for public needs.

The building of the former Department for Elementary Education with its surrounding area was reconstructed and adapted for the public needs (concerts, meetings, etc.). The reconstruction involved interior remodelling, thermal insulation of the building, roofing replacement, as well as improvement of the new utility systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and surroundings of the building.

Area – 2410 m2, total area of the building– 423.83 m2.

Address: Dusmenų k., Onuškio sen., Trakų raj.

Customer: Trakai District Municipality Administration.

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Reconstruction of Elektrėnai Ice Palace

Reconstruction of the first floor of Elektrėnai Ice Palace building.

UAB Versina implemented full finishing works on the first floor and the utility systems (electricity, low current, water and sanitation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning at Elektrėnai Ice Palace.

Total area: 678.10 m2.

Customer: Elektrėnai Municipality Administration.

Reconstruction of the operating unit of Vilnius University Hospital

The design of the operating unit of Vilnius University Hospital, reconstruction works and supervision of the project implementation.

The reconstructed area of the premises of the operating unit – 4100 m2 (operating rooms – 1800 m2, technical floor and basement – 2300 m2), roof renovation – 2500 m2.

The renovation involved substantial changes in the layout of the premises and replacement of all utility networks. In total now there are 10 operating rooms (two trauma operating rooms, two for neurosurgery, one for post-traumatic and prosthetics, one for microsurgery, one for chest surgery, one angiosurgical, one arthroscopic and one common surgery operating rooms) and postoperative wards (with 12 beds).

The technical floor and basement now have new ventilation, heating, water supply systems, a switchboard, a diesel generator, a distribution ramp and storage for cylinders with medical gases.

Customer: Public Enterprise Vilnius University Hospital.

School Renovations

Renovation of Public Buildings on the National Level, the measure of the Environment and Sustainable Development priority of the Operational Programme for Promotion of Cohesion for 2007–2013, as well as municipal and state funds were used for renovation and modernization of a number of school buildings.

The purpose of these projects was to reconstruct and modernise school buildings and their energy systems in order to reduce energy consumption and improve learning conditions for pupils, teachers and school personnel.

UAB Versina has implemented or is currently implementing the aforementioned projects in the following schools:

  • Lower secondary schools in Jungėnai, Krosna and Nemunaičiai of Kalvarija Municipality;
  • Kalvarija Secondary School for adults;
  • Stebuliai and Kučiūnai schools in Lazdijai district;
  • Telšiai V. Borisevičius Gymnasium;
  • Nevarėnai school in Telšiai district;
  • Klaipeda Dressmaking and Service Business School (currently Klaipėda Technology Training Centre);
  • Mažeikiai Polytechnic School;
  • Marijampolė Vocational Education and Training Centre;
  • Medininkai Border Guard School;
  • Salantai Gymnasium of Kretinga district;
  • Šilalė S. Gaudiešius Gymnasium etc.

Kindergarten Renovations

Renovation projects for kindergartens Eglutė (Gamyklos g. 29), Žilvitis (Sodų g. 17) and (currently in progress) Buratinas (Sodų g. 16a) within the scope of the Special Programme for Climate Change of the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF). The renovation included insulation and decorative parget for walls, basements, reveals and roofs, as well as new hydro-insulation and replacing old doors and windows.

Telšiai Stadium Reconstruction

The project aims at improving the quality of life and environment at Telšiai Regional Centre of Economic Growth by managing the public areas, creating the necessary infrastructure and rendering utility services. The sports, culture and leisure centre at Telšiai Stadium (with a football field with race tracks, an area with sectors for track-and-field athletics, basketball, badminton, volleyball courts, roller skating grounds and areas for public events) will host not only local, but also international popular sports events (involving amateurs and professional sportsmen) and mass cultural events (concerts, celebrations, fairs). This will also attract investors for additional infrastructure development (such as premises for various events and catering services), which in turn will improve the region’s economy.

The centre has a football field with eight race tracks, a 4000 m2 zone for athletes and reconstructed western and eastern tribunes. The western tribune contains up to 2000 seats, a VIP zone for 30 persons and 3 commentary rooms. The eastern tribune has 320 seats for spectators. Also, there are basketball, badminton and volleyball courts, a 825 m2 area for roller sports and a 1304 m2 indoor basketball court with 746 seats. The reconstruction also included the area around the stadium and parking lots for 204 cars and 9 busses.

Customer: Telšiai District Municipality Administration.